Land Surveying

These surveys are required in order to define and record the extent of property ownership. They comprise the calculation of the positions of property boundaries, the physical demarcation of the property boundaries and their registration at survey of Kenya.

Topographical surveys

These surveys are required to depict the infrastructure, contours and natural features on a particular site. They are generally used by planners and engineers in their designs for various types of developments.

These surveys can be as small as a simple site survey for small building projects (houses, schools clinics etc) or at a much larger scale, for road upgrading, water reticulation projects, township development etc.

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Engineering surveys.

The building of infrastructure such as roads, buildings, sewer reticulation etc require the services of a surveyor to set out the precise positions and levels for the infrastructure to be built.

The company’s experience ranges from setting out of roads, sewer pipelines, water pipelines and buildings.

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